Official: Fortnite for Android will be released in Google Play

Cult game Fortnite Mobile for Android, as it was supposed earlier, will not appear on Google Play, extending only in the form of APK file through the official site of the Studio Epic Games. About The Verge said Tim Sweeney, Director General of the developer company.

“We want to build our relationship with the client directly where possible, regardless of platform, says Sweeney. The greatest achievement of the Internet is that it became not need a physical storefront and Resellers”.

When Fortnite will be released for Android

If the response from the CEO appeared to you to be cunning, you are not wrong. It becomes clear from the following quotation, in which Sweeney admits that Epic Games decided not to publish the game in Google Play because of the horse Commission.

With each title sold Google puts it in his pocket from 20 to 30% of the proceeds. In the case of Fortnite, which daily brings to its creators for 2 million dollars, such a duty can deprive developers of a colossal income.

Why Fortnite will not be in Google Play

“The 30-percent tax is too high a cost [ … ] — says the CEO. It is absolutely disproportionate to the services offered [app store]. Payment processing, server maintenance and technical support can not cost such money.”

Desire Epic Games not to share revenues is obvious. Google really ought to restrain their appetites in respect of fees. Otherwise, with the experience Fortnite, the authors of many apps can do the same, boycott Google Play.

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