Official: HTC unveil the phone by the main focus of this year HTC U12+

  • The new generation of compression technology or (stick) Edge Sense 2 provides the capabilities of modern trading and the smartphone
  • The first phone my boss calls with a camera in the front, to the side of the cameras in the background
  • Camera HTC U12+ the throne of the cameras most professional in the market of smart phones after gaining 103 points from the measure of DxOMark to change
  • “HTC” describe the performance of the sound of her phone HTC U12+ as the most powerful any at all.
  • HTC U12+ phone first in the Middle East and Africa, which should be inside the latest Processor got Qualcomm QUALCOMM® SNAPDRAGON™ 845


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 24, 2018: revealed “HTC” unveiled a phone with its main the year 2018, “the HTC on 12 plus ” “HTC U12+during a special ceremony held yesterday in the city of “Taipei” of Taiwan.

And phone new logo “nest with the utmost innovation”, where we crossed the police about this feeling over the phone support from its main benefits of the new described as flying of the roof of the standards of smart phones. Again related to the technical pressure on the edges the Squeeze list of what distinguishes HTC phone U12+ with innovative improvements to this technology through the introduction of its new generation of بـEdge Sense 2, which bestow the character of an inherently smoother when negotiating and dealing with the phone, as well as enabling the user to perform several functions using one hand.

Besides the technique of pressure trendy, unique HTC phone U12+ by numerous appellations, of which the first main telephone calls with a camera in the front, to the side of the cameras in the background, as it makes the system sound to that he is the strongest many in the arena of smart phones, as well as being the first phone in the Middle East and Africa, which carries the latest processors Qualcomm and the Processor QUALCOMM® SNAPDRAGON™ 845.

The firm said in its statement that HTC phone U12+ will play lovers in the UAE in mid-June of this year the price of 3,449 AED.

One of the most important new details carried by the advantages of the new phone HTC U12+:

The new generation of thinking through dialogue and at the Edge Sense 2:

I knew the company “HTC” as the first invented a new way to interact with phones by the pressure of the edges of the phone give commands to open applications and do multi-task. Today, across the HTC U12+ know “HTC” a new generation of this technology which is called Edge Sense 2. The new data can know whether the user is left-handed or right-handed, to allow them to do Orders New car campaign for the phone. Besides the capacity of the numerous that provide this feature via a press or (the era of) the dialogue, it is the device gives way to two new tasks to perform by double pressure, the pressure is constant.

  1. Dual pressure: by double clicking on the edge of the phone, the user gets on the screen of the Mini Convertible to put everything at the fingertips of the user taking into account whether the user is left-handed or right-handed.
  2. Constant pressure: the water to improve the problem of the transmission of the screen from horizontal to vertical and vice versa, especially while lying down as soon as the constant pressure on the edges.
  3. Normal pressure: it is the basic feature that we saw at the launch of the telephone HTC U11 and HTC U11+. Where the user can customize this feature to do many of the commands such as taking pictures, the launch of the audio plugin, and run your favorite apps. Not only that, but this feature on the wider capabilities to include the ability to control and give orders via the pressure during the circulation of the content of any application available on the Google Play Store through In-appOptions.

Camera Double from the back and the front:

I decided to “HTC” again, that is planning a bold step by placing all the cameras in front and back. Thus, the “HTC” the first to put cameras on the front of the device main. Thus, the four cameras, I got جهازHTC U12+ highly rated مقياسDxOMark to change, so winning 103 points to the nature of the camera phone HTC U12+ on the throne of the cameras most professional in the market of smart phones.

Says phone the new characteristics of the innovative imaging supported by new features, most notably:

  1. The effect of the bokeh effects from the model of DSLR-LIKE: whether in the front or back camera, you can see from the capture the best photos of bokeh effects with the transmission of more accurate between the body and the source and backgrounds.
  2. Automatic adjustment of the Autofocus 2 Model Ultraspeed: improved the company also auto-tuning capabilities to ensure the capture of objects during fast motion and monitoring its details clearly.
  3. The second generation of the technique of high dynamic range HDR BOOST 2: The Company has improved the capacity of “the technique of high dynamic range” to enrich the accuracy of the colors and get the finer details while capturing photos and videos.
  4. Optical zoom even double the convergence of digital even 10-fold: the phone HTC U12+ two types of approximation, or what is known as a Zoom to ensure you get up-close photos are rich in detail and vibrant.
  5. Posters augmented reality Augmented Reality Stickers: added “HTC” for all its range of posters to promote the reality of the sound, through a series of effects and stickers so funny and the most in demand among smartphone users.

The enhanced version of the technology to enhance photos while capturing videos, Audio Boost Technology:

إتش تي سي


Appeared this technique is unique to my phone HTC U11 and HTC U11+, providing the ability to enhance the level of sound made by any entity targeted by the bank during video capture, so once you zoom in on the audio source to turn the phone all the surrounding sounds and boosts the level of sound made by the target. The company worked to improve this technology and enhance its capabilities in its new phone HTC 12+. Where the firm said this when comparing the performance of this technique including what was in the هاتفHTC U11, it would be new phone’s ability to pump stronger voice by 60% and is 33% larger. The company also recommends that this property works on enhancing all of the sounds significantly in normal cases without the need to enlarge the image during video capture.

The phone also has the amazing properties during the activation mode the RSI, where the position of the camera filming slow motion videos of the capacity of 240 fps in 1080p.

Sound system integrated, gives a higher and purer the sound at all.

As long as our return to “HTC” to provide models of audio systems advanced and comprehensive when you launched the identity of its principal. In this phone, describing the “HTC” audio system that the top was at all compared to other smart phones. And make sure that the user will deliver these results both when used by headphones HTC USonic earbuds insulating noise or through the system of loudspeakers and the famous بإسمHTC BoomSound Hi-Fi edition. The phone also supports technology Qualcomm ® aptX™ and let the sounds of the HD via Bluetooth. Recall that the HTC device U12+ the latest version of headphones for HTC USonic earbuds that combine the advantage of active noise cancellation with volume control settings commensurate with the capabilities of the user’s ear. Where these headphones clear the ear from the inside to offer then adjusts the sound commensurate with the capabilities and nature of the ear.

Glass structure of the liquid raises again the limits of exterior design

Offers phone HTC U12+ a stunning design covered surfaces of the glass liquid. The new phone in modern colors namely Black Ceramic, red, solar, coupled with exceptional color totally new and in blue or transparent “blue translucent”, allowing the user to see what’s inside the phone from the electronic pieces are majestic and stylish. It also comes a new phone screen measuring 6 inches with dimensions of 18:9, and the edges of the glass 3D.

Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 “QUALCOMM® SNAPDRAGON™ 845” should be inside the phone HTC U12+

Made sure “HTC” in the phone by HTC U12+ for his support with the latest no Qualcomm in the field of smartphone processors and processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. Thus, the phone HTC U12+ first to work with the latest version of processors from Qualcomm. Also comes phone HTC U12+ record in terms of memory, and with 6GB RAM/ 128GB internal storage space. .

Includes phone HTC U12+ featured properties on performance, most notably its support بمعيارDCI-P3 ULTRA WIDE COLOR GAMUT to ensure the appearance of colors and images is fashionable and delicate, also has been supporting its standard of IP68 for resistance to water and dust, and a battery with a capacity of 3500 amps, as well as on Access on the feature to open the lock by the face.

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