Official image leaked review us smart watch Apple Watch Series 4 with its big screen

Apple Watch Series 4

Few minutes ago we showed you the first official image leaked phone iPhone XS and his older brother in size, which is likely to carry the name of the iPhone XS Plus, but it seems that this is not the only shopping-related Apple company this day.

In fact, today I have been also leaked the first official image for the smart watch Apple Watch Series 4, a smart watch that is expected to be announced by Apple along with iPhone three new in the press conference that will be held by the police in day 12 of September of the next scene steve jobs at the headquarters for Apple the city of Cupertino.

As you can see, the new smart watch Apple Watch Series 4 comes to the design like the design of hours Apple Watch Series The current, however it should be noted that the watch Apple Watch Series new 4 will have a larger screen although it will not change the level dimensions, thanks to reduce the the ocean police, to achieve more space without changing the dimensions.

Hours Apple Watch Series 4 of the new come also with a whole new interface as shown in the picture above with the knowledge that this new interface displays information much more than the reality of the present. Regardless of the new interface, we we also noted the presence of a hole between the side button and the power, and to have this hole for the built-in microphone.


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