Official image leaked the new review will not phone LG G7 ThinQ in black

LG G7 ThinQ

We got in the past on the official image of the phone LG G7 ThinQ coming from the LG company won’t be this phone in gray, and now we are here with the official image leaked new for the same phone, but this time its not in black note that this leaked picture of the new rose We from the same leaker who was behind leaking the previous image, which is Evan Blass aka fame evleaks.

In case you haven’t heard of it, has assured us the company LG yesterday LG phone G7 ThinQ will screen based on latest LCD technology of the company which carry the name of the Super Bright Display with the knowledge that this screen is coming with a diameter of 6.1 inches and accurately +Quad HD.

Will the screen resolution of the phone LG G7 ThinQ about 3120×1440 pixels, this means that this screen is coming with a high of $ 19.5:9 note that the phone LG G6 came with a screen with a height of 18:9. And LG to the new size makes the bottom frame for the thinnest increased by almost 50 percent. Furthermore, the company LG that this screen would have the brightness too high up to 1000 nits, as they will be more efficient in energy consumption by 30 percent compared with the screen of the LG G6.

Screen FullVision Super Bright Display the new LG cover 100 percent of the color gamut and DCI-P3. In addition, there will be six modes of color in the Settings menu, which is the Auto, Eco, Cinema, Sports and Game and Expert. Will the menu also adjust the accurate colors and gamma with the RGB adjustable in the conditions supported. The company LG to provide this option for ” users who want to get a higher degree of verification in the tea of their own “.

Phone LG G7 ThinQ will also feature a rear camera, Double supported by artificial intelligence which will be able to recognize the quality of the scene, as he will have a special button on the side for the digital assistant Google Assistant. It should be noted that previous reports also mentioned that the phone LG G7 will have a processor Snapdragon 845 of course, as well as 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory, although the version Plus of this phone may arrive with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory.

It was also said that this phone will get a rear camera with double glass lenses and with the knowledge that this camera will have a sensor accurately 16 megapixels with a lens with 1.6. Regardless of camera, this phone will also be resistant to dust and water as he will get the certificate of the military when it comes to durability and hardness. Interestingly, also in these reports is that they said that the phone LG next flagship will come with speakers and double. Other features include an artificial intelligence camera and support wireless charging technology.

Will be officially announced the phone LG G7 ThinQ in New York City on May 2 and in the city of Seoul on May 3, and it is likely that there will be the launch of sync because of the differences of time of up to 13 hours between the two cities.


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