Official: Motorola unveils her phone rollaway Razr 2019

After months of anticipation, the Motorola launch its brand of the famous Razr through the phone by folding a completely new.

Phone Razr 2019 comes in the form of the old classic but a large screen also. So that when you open the phone, you experience the screen without any balance of a traditional keypad, and unlike the Samsung phones and Huawei that open horizontally, the phone Razr opens vertically.

Due to the presence of only one screen inside the phone, added the Motorola a second screen from the outside so you don’t have to open the phone constantly just to read notifications or to do basic tasks.

The external screen is too small and low resolution, so you won’t be able to use it in most of the tasks carried out by the smartphone conversation. However, this does not make them useless, because Motorola designed the interface to allow to deal with the tasks such as showing notifications or selfies or play music or use Google, and move content seamlessly between the external screen and the main screen of the interior, in accordance with the terms of the Motorola.

Come inner screen size 6.2 inch accurately 2142*876, and the external size 2.69 inch accurately 600*800, and works processor Snapdragon 710 with the random memory 6 is and memory storage 128 is.

Capacity battery cell phone Razr 2019 rollaway 2510 mAh with charging strongly 15W, and the reader insight compact right-the energy in the system Android 9.

The phone offers a rear camera accuracy of 16 maps, and front camera accurately 5 maps, with support for face recognition at a price of$ 1,500 per equivalent 5620 SAR, to stop on December 26.

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