Official photo first leaked of the phone Oppo F11 Pro confirm his arrival with a front camera popup

Oppo F11 Pro

In the past month, according to sources familiar with the situation in China to my company, Oppo and Vivo working on a smartphone new camera front popup. Although speculation says we’ll see these cameras front emanating from the new in both Vivo X25 and Oppo F19, it has happened to us lately on the photo promotional confirm to us the coming of this camera is the front pop up with the phone Vivo V15 Pro in the case of Vivo, and now with the phone for Oppo F11 Pro in the case of Oppo.

In fact, I’ve been today leaked promotional image know us this time Phone Oppo F11 Pro coming from the company Oppo. This picture shows us to a large extent the design of the phone Oppo F11 Pro so that it turns out now that the latter will have a front camera pop up in the middle, but similar to the phone Vivo NEX S.

This promotional image leaked also says that the phone will feature Megapixel to 48 megapixels able to ” capture the dazzling pictures in environments of low lighting“, that means that the phone Oppo F11 Pro will use either sensor Samsung ISOCELL GM1 or Sony IMX586. You may think that he will use this sensor in the front camera, but the source says that the front camera ups the phone for Oppo F11 Pro coming strictly 32 megapixels, while you will use the sensors which is accurate to 48 megapixels in the rear camera core.

The image reveals to us also the advent of the phone Oppo F11 Pro with two cameras at the back along with LED flash one, the sensor fingerprint Oval usual in the phones of the company. Moreover, this image shows us the advent of the phone Oppo F11 Pro also with blue color flowing to purple.


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