Official photos leaked a new US Galaxy Watch Active work One One UI


Back the day high quality images to a smart Galaxy Watch Active base of Samsung, confirmed two things. The first thing is that this smart watch will be used to interface One new UI from Samsung, and the third thing is that the smart watch won’t include a frame and removable rotation unlike the Samsung Gear S3 of the current.

It was logical that Samsung is bringing a new user interface to the system TizenOS, it actually makes the operating system clean and tidy is bigger than ever before. Given that Samsung decided to abandon the frame and removable rotation in an hour by the smart rule, it seems that the interface is One new UI will be based entirely on gestures and clicks to navigate through it using the buttons present on the side of the Galaxy Watch Active.


All images and duties of the former with the background dark, which gives the user interface a great view, as well as improved battery life as well, especially if we know that the Galaxy Watch Active you will get the OLED display, a screen known for its efficiency in energy consumption.

It seems that the Galaxy Watch Active will be focused on tracking user activity in a number of the duties that come preset with this smart watch by setting your daily goals front and center. It is estimated that H Galaxy Watch Active New able to automatically identify more sports activity and tracking without having to specify the exercise given.


Will have Galaxy Watch Active property to follow the heartbeat on a regular basis, and in case of activating this feature will notify the user of any abnormality in the heart rate. When it comes to technical specifications, we have heard that the Galaxy Watch Active will be screen with a diameter of 1.1 inch and accurately 360×360 pixels, will be two buttons on the right side. Moreover, it was speculated that this smart watch will include a battery with a capacity of 236mAh, this would raise the risk of some of the features of Samsung Gear Sport who are planning to upgrade to a new arena because the latter includes a battery with a capacity of 300mAh. However, the new Smart will get on the processor Exynos 9110, which features more speed, and 4GB of internal memory, and 768MB of RAM, as it will support WiFi and NFC and Bluetouth 4.2, but it will not support unfortunately 4G LTE.


Expected that the company Samsung detects her watch smart to be the new Galaxy Watch Active along with the series phones Galaxy S10 Series event to be held by the company on February 20 in San Francisco.


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