Official photos won’t be Camera Action DJI Osmo Action Camera coming from the company DJI


A few days ago, the frequency that the company DJI requires to rival company of GoPro in the action cam. Now, thanks to some pictures that were leaked recently by the website Photo Rumors, It seems that we have an idea of what we might expect in terms of Design, Camera, Action first from the company DJI. Moreover, it has been to get well over some of the technical specifications of this camera.

With regard to the design, it appears that company DJI decided to use the same design language adopted in most of the action cameras available in the market today, but due to the size of these cameras, they do not provide much space to provide more innovation at the design level. According to these leaks, it seems that the camera action coming from the company DJI will put a screen in front and another in the back, allowing users to use this camera to capture some stills in the power mode as well. It seems that the lens protruding a little further, making the camera look ” fat ” so to speak.

When it comes to specifications, it has mentioned the site above to camera action this coming from the company DJI will CMOS sensor size of 1/2.3-inch and accurately 12 megapixels of the Sony, and the image processor H2, as it would have the capacity to filming video in 4K at a rate of 60 frames per second, as well as footage shot HDR, and support for export-interval ( Timelapse ) – automatic. Generally, it is expected that company DJI announced this camera on the 15th day of May, so don’t forget to come back to us then for full details.


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