Official site of the anonymous cryptocurrency has infected users with viruses

The software on the official website of cryptocurrency Monero has been compromised. As reported by the users of the platform Reddit, installing programs from the resource threatened with loss of their coins. In particular, the attack of the hackers have been a command-line interface (CLI) on In an official statement, the team notes that the hash of the file in the download section does not match the actual files that were on the page previously. That is, they switched enemies.

Example Command line interface (CLI). Source: Wikipedia

As a reminder, a hash is an irreversible mathematical function, which in this case are used to generate alpha-numeric string from the whole file code. This string is unique and is updated every time the source code changes.

Expert on GitHub under the name Serhack said that after hacking on the website was indeed malware.

I can confirm that malicious files do steal coins. After about 9 hours since I launched one of files, unauthorized transaction just emptied my wallet. I downloaded this file yesterday at about 17 hours.

How not to lose security

In the community of the lovers of the software open source is a frequent practice when the generated hash verified copy of the program, so you can check its legitimacy. In other words, you just compare the hash of the downloaded program with the stated hash from the original developers.

If the hash of the downloaded file differs, it is likely that a program on the server have changed, and most likely it is malware. Here is what they write on Reddit.

It seems that the Assembly has really changed, and the malicious CLI were on the server for about 35 minutes. Now all downloads come from a secure backup source. […] If you downloaded from the website anything in the last 24 hours and did not check the integrity of files, do so immediately. If the hashes do not match, in any case do not run the downloaded software.

Monero XMR. Source: 2Биткоина

The Monero team is currently investigating the cause of the problem and in the near future should provide some details.

It should be noted that the problem with the substitution of files on the official website appeared a week and a half to hard forks Monero, which is scheduled for November 30. The main task of update is the transition to the new PoW algorithm called RandomX. The last feature is to execute different parts of code in random order and memory load of the device. As a result, the resistance to powerful ASIC miners. Read more about the features of the algorithm, read our separate article.

Monero holds hardforce every six months. This allows you to debug the process of mining, building protection before ASIC miners. The main goal of the developers of Monero is to provide the miners with equal conditions.

Monero XMR. Source: 2Биткоина

Interestingly, not so long ago in the blog of one of the largest kryptomere Coinbase, a note about what improvements Monero does not bring any results.

Their strategy is underestimating the ability of talented developers to quickly integrate the new functionality in the chip. Almost certainly any highly qualified engineer able to foresee any potential stereotyped improvements in the algorithms and PoW ahead of time to equip the functionality of the chip is still in the development phase.

I hope the update will be successful, and owners of graphics cards can mine cryptocurrency without the threat of ASIC devices. Dig Monero XMR and other cryptocurrencies recommend the bullet 2Miners. Today, those involved more than 100 people from at least 9400 pool users.

Mining-pool Monero from 2Miners. Source:

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