Official test results of GeForce Ti RTX and RTX 2080 2080 games and their preliminary analysis

Official because, according to the source, taken from Reviewers’ Guide — Nvidia manual for thematic resources to test new items.

If I understand correctly, these results are stated as indicative in order to, if suddenly someone from. get a very different result, he thought about the fact that the problem may not be in the cards.

In any case, this is the most interesting of the results by newest. But mass tests we will see on September 19.

So, here’s the chart.

Actually, all very clearly, but for your convenience, I’m not lazy and found the average growth from new products, not taking into account the last two tests, as this is not a game. I came up with the following:

  • RTX 2080 average is ahead of the GTX 1080 47%
  • RTX 2080 average is ahead of the GTX 1080 Ti 13%
  • RTX 2080 average Ti ahead of the GTX 1080 Ti 42%

Now, rate is obtained. To begin, I will remind you that it’s the test itself Nvidia, which is an interested party. But the tests are not for us, but for., so I think they are close to reality. And if you take it for a fact, we can draw several conclusions.

First, owners of GTX 1080 Ti definitely makes no sense to buy RTX 2080. Especially if you’ve overclocked version. Second, even such a powerful card in all games in 4K provide the coveted 60 fps. But it is rather a question for the developers and lack of proper optimization. Thirdly, the growth is very good. 40-50% off the top is cool. But then we come to the very huge BUT. Prices.

Note that maps Pascal will officially be sold until at least the end of the year because of large stocks. So the stories that the old and new maps will not compete in the real market is a fairy tale. The competition will be, so it makes sense to compare prices. And the reality is. RTX 2080 will start with about $ 700 for narey. I think at the start, these prices will not, and this is the recommended price for the United States without taxes, but let’s be repelled from it. $ 700 for narey and $ 800 — for the Founders Edition. Go to Amazon and see that the GTX 1080 starts about 500-520 $ and the GTX 1080 Ti — from 760-780 USD. That is, for the price of RTX 2080 you can get GTX 1080 Ti or to save about 200-250 $ and get GTX 1080. Given that RTX 2080 still slightly faster GTX 1080 Ti that Nvidia fairly quickly forgets about the optimization of fire wood under the old maps, as well as the fact that novelties have hardware support for ray tracing in the presence of 700-800 dollars it makes sense to choose RTX 2080. But the problem is that you do not get much gains relative to the GTX 1080 Ti for the same money. That is, the product more interesting due to a number of nuances, but almost will not increase the actual performance compared to the previous flagship. So-so prospect, to be honest.

Now rate the highest card. RTX 2080 Ti will cost 1000-1200 dollars, which is about 45% more expensive GTX 1080 Ti (and by the time the latter may be even cheaper). However, she is ahead of the predecessor to 42%. In fact you get the same performance in terms of 1 dollar. Yes, all of the advantages of the new generation on the side of the RTX 2080 Ti, but the gain per dollar is simply no! In fact, it is almost there when comparing RTX with 2080 GTX 1080 Ti.

And what do we get in the end? Using time card generation Pascal will disappear from the shelves, and all these comparisons will become meaningless. But at least until the new year they are in force. The new generation provides a very robust design performance, it is endowed with unique features and technology and it was under him will be in the next year and a half to optimize the wood. But for the first time in many years we actually get a performance gain in terms of the dollar, and it’s very sad. I think this is due to lack of competition from AMD. It is hoped that the actual tests show a much greater increase, but you believe it?

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