Officially – Samsung will announce the galaxy s-9 on February 25 next!

Samsung has announced officially that it will detect a phone its Galaxy S9 on February 25 next, this came in a formal invitation that Samsung has started to send the conference UNPACKED the next to announce the phone.

رسمياً - سامسونج سوف تعلن عن هاتف جالكسي إس 9 يوم 25 فبراير المقبل!

Officially – Samsung will announce the galaxy s-9 on February 25 next!

The invitation was accompanied by the number “9” and the phrase “The Camera. Reimagined” a “camera, re-imagine” means that Samsung will focus a lot on the camera in this new version it also confirmed the expectations and leaks that throughout the previous days.

The Galaxy S9 Plus will exhibit Dual Camera wallpaper while coming to the Galaxy S9 camera mono. And in case believe the leaks, the camera on the two phones will be the same Aperture lens variable (F/2.4 and F/1.5) change depending on the lighting in addition to the possibility of filming a video buzzing motion at up to 480 frames per second Full HD, with improved speed and accuracy of auto focus in low light and with moving objects.

It is worth mentioning that the latest techniques and revolutionary camera techniques were Dual Pixel in the Galaxy S7 and S7 the Edge about two years ago. Also things sure coming in cell phones Galaxy S 9, Galaxy S-9 Plus is a processors of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 in the American version, processors Samsung Exynos 9810 in women global.

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