Officially and surprisingly – Galaxy S9 and Note 9 receive OneUI 2.5 update

The Galaxy S9 and Note 9 phones still have a great position in the smartphone market and a huge number of users still have them, and the latest update these phones have received is the OneUI 2.1 update after the Android 10 and OneUI 2.0 main update, and at that time we were almost sure that these popular phones will not get any Other updates, but today we are surprised that these phones are eligible for the OneUI 2.5 big update!

Galaxy S9 and Note 9

OneUI 2.5 update arrives on the Galaxy S9 and Note 9

The OneUI 2.5 update is the latest update of the OneUI interface at the moment, and it has actually started to reach the Galaxy S20 series phones, and these phones have begun to receive the update instantly in some countries, especially in the European market, which tells us that the update will reach the rest of the phones very soon. .

Now we know all the phones eligible for this update, which are as follows:

• Galaxy S20 series in full
• The entire Galaxy S10 series
• Galaxy S10 Lite
Note 10 series completely
• Galaxy Note 10 Lite
• Galaxy Fold and Z Flip
• Galaxy S9 and Note 9

OneUI 2.5 update

This list is officially shared by Samsung, but – without disappointing you – there is a possibility that the S9 and Note 9 phones were added to this list by mistake, and on the other hand, if these phones – three years old – got the update, then this is It could mean that these phones have been waiting for a relatively large period of time.

The new update does not bring fundamental properties and changes, but the new features are really useful, and they are as follows:

• Use DeX wirelessly
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• Improved Pro Mode video shooting
• Changes to Single Take's photo capture system
New features for Note phones
Huge improvement to Samsung Notes

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