Officially announced for the standard UFS 3.0 with double the data transfer speed


The type of memory storage in the phone is often overlooked when it comes to performance, but JEDEC has a treatment for memory storage by announcing a new standard UFS 3.0. And that the standard UFS 3.0 doubles the speed of data transfer while using less energy to boot.

Can not the one that holds up to 11.6 GB of data per second, which means twice as fast as the standard UFS 2.1 The current. For more speed, can use two lanes to 23.2 GB of data per second in total. Has moved the new standard to 2.5 V while the previous generation work on 2.7 V to 3.6 V.

Moreover, the JEDEC has also supported wider when it comes to temperature so that became the new domain ranges between 40°C and 105°C to keep the requirements of the automobile market also. Besides, it has also been added to the process to achieve registration errors to improve the reliability of the data.


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