Officially announced headphones AKG N400 with noise cancellation feature and the ability to resist water

AKG N400

Lack ear headphones wireless +Galaxy Buds the latest from the Samsung company to provide noise cancellation and the ability to resist water, but headphones AKG N400 new company AKG owned by Samsung provide these features. It costs about 30 percent more, but it is still much cheaper compared to headphones AirPods Pro.

Headphones AKG N400 new company AKG includes two speakers the size of 8.2 mm and comes with a set of ear plugs to choose the most suitable for you. These headphones wireless new provide 6 hours of use, add science 6 additional hours. Are shipped clear and also quickly, ten minutes of charging is enough to provide hours of use. Science supports wireless charging.

Used feature noise-canceling dual microphone array in both the headset and voice free of distortion. Can control the level of cancellation of the application-clicking on the left earpiece to run the TalkThru so you can hear what is happening around you. Is the use of advanced technology to pick up your voice clearly while blocking out background noise during calls.

Be differentiated headphones AKG N400 carry it to the testimony of IPX7, which means it is able to resist water at the depth up to 1 meter for half an hour. You won’t want to go swimming with it, but the property of water resistance would be more suitable in case of rain and.

Generally, headphones AKG N400 New available on the official website of Samsung in South Korea only, and its cost is there the equivalent of 190 USD with a knowledge that it is available in black, white, and blue lacy gold.


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