Officially: announced holder phones Osmo Mobile 2 at a low price features new

The company submitted the DJI officially released a new version for smart phones, Osmo Mobile with minor changes and several features, the most important being reducing the price of his starts Osmo Mobile 2 of 129$ (484 SAR) after its price was 299$ (1,120 SAR). Help Osmo Mobile 2 carry your smartphone and install it during the imaging with the application to add the effects and export in several ways, as it became a supported feature isolation background of the videos by issuing new. The new governor was to improve the design and is also made of nylon, high-performance instead of the nylon and alloy magnesium, what makes Osmo Mobile 2 much lighter than the previous. Became a battery case internal also as DJI for the batteries replaceable, but that to her benefit instead of her age which was destined to 3-4.5 hours, up to 15 hours. This and start to connect the Osmo Mobile 2 to customers during February next, that opens the door pre-booking on January 23, next by Apple exclusive at first.

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