Officially announced Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2 – specifications, prices !

The company announced the HMD owner of an exclusive for the Nokia commercial for Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2 within the company’s participation in the activities of the conference of the IFA 2019. Phones severe likeness but Nokia 7.2 holds some specifications better compared to other phone.

Specifications and prices of Nokia 7.2

Nokia 7.2 comes the big-screen measuring 6.3 inches of LCD type accurately Full HD Plus supportive of the HDR10 which can display content of that technical (on platforms such as Amazon and pluck Deluxe) with the highest level of quality and color accuracy and can convert regular content to HDR.

Nokia 7.2

Nokia Camera 7.2 three and with a flash a circular shape behind the phone. Camera basic accurately 48 megapixel with Pixel-merging to merge all the 4 pixels in a single pixel for the brightness, details, in addition to the HDR, which incorporated 6 different pictures with and of night photography that destroy even 10 or 20 photos with as installation to provide the best photography experience possible with the camera.

Nokia 7.2Nokia 7.2

Second camera to make Focus and discover the rear 5-megapixel and the second 8-Megapixel to expand the angle of capture, all the cameras lenses ZEISS. The front camera accurately 20 megapixel and can also take advantage of the technique of combining pixels to improve image quality.

Nokia 7.2Nokia 7.2

Protects phone Nokia 7.2 Snapdragon processor 660 average performance with the RAM 4 or 6 GB and storage capacity of 64 or 128 GB, support bought connection and add memory card external.

Battery with a capacity of 3500 Milli amp charger strongly 10 watts, and run the Android 9 Pie will be updated later to Android 10, with security updates, monthly updates and major system for two years. You think Nokia is currently the best companies in the launch of updates to Android.

The phone is available in three colors: green, gray, and black, the starting price of Nokia 7.2 of the 300$ version 64/4 GB.

Specifications and prices of Nokia 6.2

Nokia 6.2 comes with the same screen and battery. Camera three precision 16 digits without technology Pixel-merging, but other techniques exist, such as the HDR photography night, the second camera 5-megapixel for focus depth and the second Strictly MP to expand the angle of convergence.

Nokia 6.2Nokia 6.2

The processor in Nokia 6.2 is Snapdragon 636 less than Snapdragon 660 in Nokia 7.2, and the memory of random size 3 or 4 GB with storage capacity 32 or 64 GB on order and prices start from$200.

Nokia 6.2Nokia 6.2

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