Officially: announced phone Nokia 3310 4G

Officially unveiled the company HMD Global Royal rights phones sign Nokia new version of Nokia 3310. You will be supporting the new update with connecting to 4G this means that the phone can make calls over its high-quality with a fast connection to the internet when you use it can take advantage of this in a range of apps pre-installed and adjustable to the operating system YunOS provided by Alibaba company. Nokia 3310 also supports broadcast Internet to other devices through WiFi point Hotspot, as the specifications are not changed as the phone comes with a 2.4-inch memory random 256 MB and 512 meg MB of internal storage and a battery of 1,200 mAh hold up to 12 days in standby mode and 15 hours of calls using 2G and 31 hours listening to the radio. This will allow the Nokia 3310 4G in China starting from next February, given its price and availability globally, there is no information about this currently. Source: Nokia

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