Officially – announced phone Samsung folding next month!

Samsung announced that the Galaxy S10 the new flagship will be officially unveiled on the 20th of February, and now the company confirms officially that the Samsung folding Galaxy F will be unveiled at the same event too!!

This information comes through a couple of billboards Samsung in the Place de la Concorde from the French capital Paris, where the conference will be held the Company Law, all the declarations were written by in Korean and the color of first text “the future revealed” and the second “20 February” with a hint to the Samsung phone rollaway.

It may be an unexpected surprise from Samsung to receive the phone two pilot projects together in a single event, but a news release last Korean company referred implicitly to the surprise of the unexpected, so we are now waiting for the event the strongest and biggest in the history of Samsung!

Finally it should be noted that the Samsung folding has been confirmed the first time in the conference Samsung for developers to 2018 featured specialist on stage, then back again at CES a few days ago, however we don’t have only little information about the phone which is not confirmed his name yet, but the title of Galaxy F is closest to, even now.

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