Officially: announced tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung has launched by few tablet Galaxy Tab S4 officially with the digital pen S Pen and support the work computer is portable, such as tab S3, to be the best tablets running Android.


Became the edges of the screen Super for a smaller but suitable for a tablet without thinking about the keel with it, and increased the screen size to 10.5 inches after that it was a 9.7 inch tab S3, as increased accuracy per inch of 264 to 287 pixels thanks to the support of precision a total of 1600 x 2560 pixels and this means a bigger display and more pronounced.

And Samsung for the main button, so you open the tab S4 to the reader of the fingerprint, but it supports the reader and the iris of the eye instead as an alternative means of inquiry.

Hardware and software

Come screen Super For of 10.5-inch 2560×1600 pixel dimensions 16:10, supports tablet 4 speakers developed by AKG flow of new Dolby Atoms sound experience is clear and strong.

Rear camera accurately 13 Macs and 4K video at 30 frames per second, front camera 8 maps accurately depict the FHD.

Manages the Performance tab S4 processor Snapdragon 835 eight cores at a maximum of 2.35 right, comes with 4 case of RAM and two options for the 64 or 256 gigabytes, supports add external memory of up to 512 gigabytes.

Buy tab S4 with the latest version of the user interface of the Samsung experience custom Android 8.1 oreo, and comes with a large battery capacity of up to 7,300 mAh after that was a 6,000 mAh in the tab S3, knowing that both support fast charging.

Better productivity

Became tab S4 the first tablet from Samsung to support the function of DeX, but without the need for accessories Additional; in this situation can be a tablet that works like the intersect and benefit from computer programs to perform multiple tasks such as opening programs office and between screens, and it’s exciting to feature DeX allows using the tablet as a display by connecting them with a USB cable-C — HDMI.

S Pen Digital supports the usual advantages without any big update, they can jot down notes on the screen and identify the text and its translation, etc.

Also supports tab S4 feature Samsung Flow, which improved communication between Samsung devices, file transfer tasks, synchronize notifications between devices easily, as well as the application SmartThings to control smart home devices.

Price expectations and tensions

I didn’t reveal to Samsung details about the Launch Date of the tab S4 or the price, but is expected to arrive in the second week of August at a cost of 700 euros for the standard version in Europe approximately 3,075 SAR.

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