Officially announced the Acer Swift 7, The Laptop, the thinnest in the world


Within the activities of CES CES 2018, currently held in Las Vegas, USA, the company Acer today slide the curtain officially announced a new laptop called Acer Swift 7 says the Taiwanese company that Laptop the thinnest in the world.

According to buy Acer, they are saying that the situation Acer Swift new 7 comes with a thickness of 8.98 mm only, and to put things in perspective, the fits MacBook 12 which is one of the laptops the thinnest on the market currently comes with a thickness of 13.2 mm, while comes need Dell XPS 13 2018 which was announced a few days ago with a thickness of 11.6 mm.

Regardless of the sky, it is possible to get case Acer Swift 7 with second-generation Processor Intel Core i7, with 8GB of RAM LPDDR3, as well as up to 256GB of memory storage SSD. Moreover, this situation will be Windows 10, as it features a screen size of 14 inches and accurately Full HD, as well as a backlit keyboard note that it also supports networks fourth generation 4G LTE.

When it comes to the price and launch date, the company Acer to case Acer Swift 7 will be starting from 1699$ and will be available for purchase in North America, and in the Middle East and Europe starting from the month of April next.

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