Officially announced the phone HTC U19e with OLED screen size of 6 inches, the two cameras in the front

HTC U19e

After keeping quiet for a relatively long time in the smartphone market, has decided to company HTC today finally change the situation through the official unveiling of her new smart phone HTC U19e, a phone that targets consumers who are looking for buying a new smartphone middle class.

As I explained the leaks and rumors of the former completely, the phone HTC U19e new from HTC featuring a design reminiscent of the design of the phone +the HTC U12 although there are some differences, as it includes technical specifications medium include OLED screen size of 6 inches and accurately +FullHD, processor core category Snapdragon 710, and the random size of 6GB, as well as an internal memory size of 128GB.

Moreover, this phone also includes two cameras in the front 24 MP camera first and accurately 2 megapixels camera II, which will be used for the feature to unlock the phone by face, it also has two cameras at the back accurately 12 megapixels the camera of the first core and accurately 20 megapixels camera second best with the knowledge that the first camera comprising a lens and a girl 1.8, while the second camera lens girl 2.6.

Apart from the cameras, the phone HTC U19e new also includes a battery with a capacity of 3930MAh, the sensor fingerprints in the back, as it comes preloaded with Android 9 Pie with interface HTC Sense. With regard to price, phone HTC U19e won’t be cheap at all, it would be 14900 Taiwan dollars, which is equivalent to 475 USD.


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