Officially announced the phone Meizu M6S with sensor fingerprint in the side


We got in the past many leaks and rumors related to the phone Meizu M6S, and now the company decided to Meizu official unveiling of this phone in China with technical specifications of medium.

According to the company Meizu, has reported that the phone Meizu M6S new featuring a screen size of 5.7 inches and accurately 1440×720 pixels, the Processor hexa-core class Exynos 7872 with a frequency of 2.0 GHz, and the memory of random size of 3GB, internal memory size of 32GB or 64GB, as well as a front camera accurately 8 megapixels and background accurately 16 megapixels with lens girl 2.0.

Moreover, there Meizu M6S new also comes with sensor fingerprint in the side is able to determine the identity of the user within 0.2 seconds, as it features a battery capacity of 3000mAh supports fast charging technology through the USB Type-C with the knowledge that this technique no longer charge 30% of battery in just 15 minutes, or 52% of battery within half an hour.


On the other hand, the Meizu company to provide phone Meizu M6S New Rome FlymeOS 6.2, the ability and of intelligence artificial One Mind, which is to improve performance and reduce energy consumption. Apart from that, it may be a button mBack actual has disappeared from the front end, but there is now a small circle called Super mBack supports most of the gestures that are supported in phones Meizu previous. And by clicking once on this button will take you back to the back, while a long press on this button will take you to the home page of the system. And through the clouds to the right and left will allow you to switch between apps, while swiping to the top will allow you to close the application.


Overall, the phone is Meizu M6S will be available for purchase through the internet in today 19 January at a starting price of 155 USD for, which includes 32GB of internal memory, while the version that includes 64GB of internal memory towards 286 USD. This will be the phone available in black, silver, gold and blue.


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