Officially announced the phone Motorola One Vision with a camera with a 48MP, and a processor of class Exynos 9609

Motorola Moto One Vision

After he was the focus of many leaks in the past few months, the company Motorola today finally remove the curtain officially about the phone Motorola One Vision be it’s latest smart phone from the company, and it is also the first smartphone from the company featuring a hole at the level of the screen for the front camera.

As you can see, the phone Motorola One Vision of the new features a hole for front camera in the upper left corner, the two cameras at the back, it has a frame made of metal and layers of scratch-resistant glass minor dents in front and rear.

When it comes to technical specifications, the phone Motorola One Vision of the new features LCD screen size of 6.3-inch and accurately +FullHD, processor eight core class Exynos 9609 frequency of 2.2 GHz, and the memory of random size of 4GB, and internal memory size of 128GB, as well as a battery with a capacity of 3500mAh to support shipping strongly 15W using the charger TurboPower Charger.

Moreover, the phone Motorola One Vision new also includes front camera with 25 megapixels, the two cameras in the back Strictly 48 megapixels camera basic accurately 5 megapixels camera, the second is responsible for the sensor information depth. Returning to the main camera, with lens girl 1.7 supports image stabilization technology OIS, it also supports the technique of Quad Bayer that are working on the integration of four pixels to form one pixel big to pick up high definition pictures in environments of low lighting accurately 12 megapixels.

And as you can expect, the phone Motorola One Vision new also comes preset with the system of Android rough as it is part of the initiative Android One, it has a sensor fingerprint in the logo of Motorola ring located in the back. Overall, the phone Motorola One Vision is now available already in Brazil in blue and copper. For those interested in Europe, you’ll be able to buy the phone starting from tomorrow Thursday.

When it comes to price, phone Motorola One Vision would be consumers 335 USD, but it should be pointed out to buyers early adopters in Europe will receive free headphones for Motorola Verve Earbuds that cost separately about 145$.

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