Officially announced the phone Realme C1 2019 with additional options at the level of the memory

realme c1 2019

The sub-brand Realme subsidiary of Oppo suspense for the coming of a new phone in the last week, and today decided that the company’s official unveiling of the phone Realme C1 2019. It should be noted that this new phone is not much different from the phone Realme C1 the original, but it comes with additional options at the level of memory, these options include 2GB/32GB and 3GB/32GB. It is interesting to find sub-brand Realme decide the official unveiling of this phone after a few days of breaking the phone Realme C1 barrier of 1 million units sold.

The CEO Realme, Mr. Madhav Sheth detects the phone is in the official channel for the brand on the site. While I got the phone Realme C1 2019 for more space for entertainment, including games, movies and photos, the rest of the specifications remained the same without change.

When it comes to price, there are Realme C1 2019 New cost the equivalent of $ 105 US version 2GB/32GB, and the equivalent of 120 USD to copy a 3GB/32GB.


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