Officially announced the phone Redmi Note 8T, supports NFC features charger strongly 18W in


While most people expect to write my company Xiaomi today announced Xiaomi phone Mi Note a 10, I decided instead also detects phone Redmi Note 8T. In fact, this new phone comes with the same design and specifications of the phone Redmi Note 8, except that it’s got the extra support for NFC technology and quick charger strongly 18W in.

Phone Redmi Note 8T new features of the processor Snapdragon 665, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, and four cameras in the back Strictly 48 megapixels camera basic accurately 8 megapixels camera wide-angle and accurately 2 megapixels camera macro and accurately 2 megapixels camera responsible for the sensor information depth. Regardless of the four cameras in the rear, this phone also has 13 MP front camera.


Phone Redmi Note 8T also includes an LCD screen size of 6.3-inch and accurately +FullHD. As a result of the absence of the OLED screen on this phone, it has been included sensor fingerprint in its interface is the background and not the bottom of the screen.

Include other specifications battery capacity 4000mAh support Fast shipping strongly 18W through a port the USB TYpe-C which is available by separate headphones 3.5 mm. Will keep the phone in white, black and blue, would be the equivalent of 179 € to copy the 3GB/32GB, and the equivalent of 199 € to copy a 4GB/64GB, while the version will be 4GB/128GB equivalent of 249 euros.


Phone Redmi Note 8T new will be available for purchase in the beginning with different colors include blue, white and black, so as of 8 November in Spain and Italy, starting from November 13 in France, starting from November 15 in Germany. Of course, this phone will work its way gradually to more areas in the foreseeable future.

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