Officially announced the phone Sharp Aquos S3, a smaller phone The size of a 6 inch

Sharp Aquos S3

It was expected to be a formal unveiling of the phone Sharp Aquos S3 at day 28 of the month of March, but the company decided the Sharp speed things up a little bit and he said Just slide the curtain officially about this phone in Taiwan note that the company Sharp says that this phone is 6 inches smaller in the market currently.

According to Sharp, it has reported that the phone Sharp Aquos S3 comes with dimensions of 148.2 mm x 74.2 mm, this means that it will be shorter by about 3.5 mm and narrower by about 1.2 mm compared to the LG phone V30. Regardless of the size, this phone also has IPS LCD screen accurately 2160×1080 pixels and the width to the height of the 18:9 with the knowledge that this screen has a High Brightness up to 550 nits, and a cut in the middle part of the upper like many of the smart phones available in the market currently note that this piece includes the front camera earpiece and the rest of the sensors.

When it comes to camera, the phone Sharp Aquos S3 new features front camera with 16 megapixels, as well as the rear camera Double accurately 12 megapixels sensor first and accurately 13 megapixels, the sensor the second note that the sensor first includes a wide-angle lens, while the sensor of the second lens close. Regardless of the camera, the phone Sharp Aquos S3 comes with eight-core processor class Snapdragon 630, and the random size of 4GB, as well as an internal memory size of 64GB.

Phone Sharp Aquos S3 also comes preloaded with Android 8.0 Oreo it also features a battery with a capacity of 3200mAh supports fast charging technology Quick Charge 3.0. Before concluding we would like to point out that the phone is the Sharp Aquos S3 will be available in Taiwan on April 1 at a price of 11990 Taiwan dollars, which is the equivalent of 330 euros.


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