Officially announced the phone’s dual screen ZTE Nubia X 5G with support for 5G

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Announced sub-brand Nubia of ZTE just about their latest products. As is the case in these days, it’s not a new phone altogether, but it is an improved version of the phone its current ZTE Nubia X supports 5G.

This new version of the phone Nubia X download name ZTE Nuba X 5G, which is not only to renounce the processor Snapdragon 845 old and subject him to the processor Snapdragon 855 the latest from Qualcomm, but it also brings with it the season of Qualcomm X50 to be able to support 5G. For the rest of the technical specifications of the phone, it does not appear that there are any changes, although we didn’t get the full list of specifications yet, so you should not rule out the occurrence of slight changes in battery capacity or thickness.

I didn’t reveal to US sub-brand Nubia of ZTE after the release date of phone ZTE Nuba X 5G, but we know that he will be released initially in China. Before concluding, We would like to suggest you take a look at this article detailed here to learn everything about the phone ZTE Nuba X.


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