Officially Apple cancel platform wireless charging AirPower

Yesterday, Apple officially announced the cancellation of the cargo platform of the wireless AirPower announced for the first time in 2017, attributed to the reasons on her head, the inability of the shipping platform to meet the high standards of its organs, according to TechCrunch.

رسمياً أبل تلغي منصة الشحن اللاسلكية AirPower

Apple announced the platform shipping AirPower that are supposed to be specially designed to charge the Apple Watch and the iPhone headphones AirPods at one time. The announcement of this device in September 2017 to sync with the launch of the iPhone X. And then Apple to launch the device will be in 2018, come 2018 and we didn’t see any sign of the release product but didn’t speak to Apple about a single word.

Since Apple released in Year 2017, there have been persistent rumors of talk about the difficulties facing the Apple TV, so you are not thrown out of the House since that time. Said the Apple to the main reason to cancel the entire work on this product, because the company was not able to achieve what she was aiming at him.

She said that after much effort, we reached to the platform shipping AirPower won’t achieve our high standards and therefore we canceled the project. We apologize to those customers who were looking to launch this device. Said Dan Riccio, the vice president of hardware engineering at Apple, in a statement was submitted to the website TechCrunch: We still believe that the future of wireless we are committed to paying trade wireless forward.

The reasons to cancel the launch of AirPower

It is worth mentioning, that the rumors were continuous about the difficulties of production and manufacturing engineering to prevent shipping AirPower. He recalled more of the report to the existence of problems in the heat of the machine, and the problems of communication between the cargo platform and devices as well as the problem of interference between them. It seems that those problems are not resolved, then it will take time to materialize. Apple want to design a charger you can put your devices safely and without any problem remember.

It was said that one of the reasons for the delayed production of this device is the problems of difficult geometric relating to the laws of physics. And on top of the engineering problems for manufacturing that device that requires files Coils charging multiple close together and require the Department of energy very very careful, resulting in the hottest high of the device up to the degree of damage of the device components. This engineering problem can’t Apple solved at the current time.

It was supposed to work box headset AirPods that were fired last week thanks wireless on the platform of AirPower as you can also charge the hours my Of and 4, and the iPhone 8 and the family of X but none of this will happen at least in the near future. And Apple itself was the like the shipper is coming soon even after the release of XS Max.

When I was issued a box shipped AirPods recently has increased speculation that the launch of AirPower imminent so it is believed the decision to cancel AirPower as a shock to users of Apple devices that support wireless charging, especially after persistent rumors that the work on the house is progressing by leaps and bounds.

The basic concepts for wireless charging standard are well known and companies are facing any problem in production, but what you want Apple is considered a difficult challenge to the laws of the geometry of those devices, for you want to put multiple devices on the charging platform, one allowing a person all at one time taking into account the levels and rates of freight have these devices, this treatment is difficult to achieve currently.

It is worth mentioning also, that it is still mentioned AirPower included in the box charging the AirPods absolute newly, and it got Apple’s recent trademark for AirPower . It seems that Apple worked hard for several months to find solutions to the problems of manufacturing but it seems very complicated, so much so that Apple decided to cancel the project in the end.

What do you think about Apple’s decision to scrap the charger AirPower is? And you are an enthusiast of this device? Tell us in the comments.


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