Officially: Apple reveals MacBook Air features an entirely new design and Mac mini

During the conference Apple today, the company has decided to finally provide several updates for the MacBook Air, which received a completely new design, with specifications of many of date back to life, that was beside the Mac Mini is new, too, to the last on the first update during the last four years, let us get to know you both.

MacBook Air 2018

Don’t choose the specification of the new MacBook Air from previous leaks disclosed by agency Bloomberg News in August last, where he came from pregnant Retina display with the parties to the thinnest 50% in the design of the asymptotic MacBook standard with the updated internal components.

Come screen measuring 13.3-inch with two USB-C headphone 3.5 mm and a total weight of 1.24 kg, that is lighter than the previous generation-old weighed 1.34 kg.

Supports the new MacBook Air reader fingerprint Touch ID with the same technology the MacBook Pro to secure access, without having to tape the touch with the second generation of the keyboards Apple TV ad hoc for the MacBook Pro.

As for the technical specifications they include the Intel processor of the second generation with the processor graphics built-in, with up to 16 gigabytes of RAM, the tablet SSD storage with a capacity of 1.5 TB, and supports the MacBook Air and the display on the screen accurately 5K or contact cards GPUs external USB-C.

The standard version with 8 gigabytes RAM, processor Intel Core i5 processor with a frequency of 1.66 right with a disc, SSD storage capacity of 128 gigabytes at a price of 5,099 AED and is available for order today via

Mac mini 2018

Due to the lack of updated Mac Mini since the end of 2014, revealed the Apple TV today about the new generation that’s coming pregnant processor Intel Core i5 quad-core of the second generation, with the option to add processors Core i7 top of the hexagonal nuclei.

Supports Mac mini New up to 64 gigabytes of RAM with storage drive capacities of 2TB, add a partner of T2 security with four USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port, HDMI port, socket wire internet, and two USB ports-A plan.

Although the update is comprehensive, only that the appearance of the Mac Mini outside not much different only by providing a copy in gray space, where it will provide the new generation the beginning of the day of November 7.

This will start the prices of the Mac mini 2018 when 3,399 AED for the standard version that will come with a processor Intel Core i3 quad core with 8 gigabytes RAM 128 gigabytes of disk space SSD storage, which is available for order today via

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