Officially: Apple to reveal a MacBook Pro 16 inch

Since several months, we’ve been hearing that Apple is working on developing a new version of the laptop MacBook Pro 16 inch to launch it this year, and we stopped to learn about the company last October, but did not do so, to declare them officially today.

Version MacBook Pro 16 inch is almost identical to the proportion of 15 inch and the difference is obvious. The device features a new screen size 16 inch with a smaller frame than the MacBook Pro 15 inch, plus it features a thoroughly 3072×1920.

The device offers other features may not be visible, including your keyboard completely new that will provide a lasting solution to the problem of the keyboard that came across the users in the previous versions over the past three years, except that the new keyboard does not contain keys to Escape real and independent.

MacBook Pro 16 inch offers speakers the top and microphones technology supports noise cancellation, and provides random memory size of 16 gigabytes of RAM and internal storage of 512 or 1 TB gigabytes of address space with a processor Intel i7 or i9 of the ninth generation, and the battery allows operation for 11 hours on the wireless network, with charger 96 watt-USB-C, and when it comes to ports, I still get in a suitable Thunderbolt four the same, the two of them on both sides, as it was before.

The starting price is 2399 dollars equivalent to 9000 SAR specifications at least as memory storage and processor, the price rises to 2799 US dollars equivalent 10500 SAR to get higher specifications.

Source: Apple

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