Officially.. Cambridge Analytica available in tricking Facebook users

She said the Federal Trade Commission FTC today is Friday: she’s found that the company Cambridge Analytica Cambridge Analytica consulting the British political closed now had deceived consumers regarding the collection of data Facebook characterize voters and targeting, where the commission found that Cambridge Analytica available in deceptive practices relating to their participation in the framework of the privacy protection between the European Union and the United States, an agreement on the transfer of personal data across borders.

After more than 18 months from the outbreak of the scandal for the first time, ruled that the Federal Trade Commission officially announced that the Cambridge Analytica deceived consumers through its practice of collecting data, which was the campaign of presidential candidate Donald Trump for 2016 among its customers.

The committee agreed in July, the consulting firm, as well as its CEO Alexander Nixon Alexander Nix developers applications Alexander Kogan Aleksandr Kogan, the collected data of tens of millions of Facebook users through the application of a personality test.

This can be is the agency of the British consulting company of deformation the extent of the protection of privacy and confidentiality of personal information, as preventing them from participating in the framework of the privacy protection between the European Union and the United States and other organizations development of similar, but is not clear at the present time the impact is the agency of America, because the consulting firm is no longer working.

Under the terms of the FTC issued today, the company is required to delete any data collected from users of Facebook, and not make misrepresentations in the future about how to collect data.

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Comes order the Federal Trade Commission approved Facebook in the month of July to pay a fine of $ 5 billion to the committee for the settlement of the investigation of government privacy practices, and availability of government agency pursue a separate investigation with regard to combating fraud in the company.

The investigation was conducted by the Federal Trade Commission with Facebook Cambridge Analytica driven by the allegations that Facebook violated a resolution issued in 2012 through the participation of non-correct information about 87 million users with the British consulting company.

Recall that A is the government agency represents the end of the story of the British consulting company, but the effects of the scandal are still felt until today, where they discuss the legislators questions about the power of Facebook and how to protect user privacy.

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