Officially – detected Galaxy Z Fuld 2 folding specifications a whole new

Within the conference of the Samsung 2020, which was held yesterday evening the company announced a huge number of products which we shared with you in the conference summary, and the most prominent of these products is the Galaxy Z, Fuld 2, which is the future of flip phones I have a Samsung, and in this article we will share with you all the details and advantages and disadvantages of the new device.مؤتمر سامسونج

Specifications phone Galaxy Z Fuld 2 rollaway

— Design companies

The new phone comes with the same body telephone Fuld first in terms of size and measurements, but Samsung has made many improvements on the design of the joint to better and better design, the phone features also that get rid of all the disadvantages of the design of the previous generation in terms of dialogue and the huge Walnut large that there was no need real not.

Offers the Galaxy Z Fuld 2 screen measuring 7.6 inches as key type Flexible AMOLED and of course folding! Screen here come strictly 2213*1689 and first impressions about the screen indicated to improve adult.

As for the device’s screen when you turn it to put your phone (when folded) they are led by 6.2 inches which is awesome twist compared to the previous generation, this screen comes precisely FHD+ without is large, and the screen is the front camera-shaped hole inside of her.

جالكسي Z فولد 2

— Specifications interior

The device offers processor Snapdragon 865+ flagship just like the phones Note 20, as it supports the fifth-generation networks through the modem X55 built of Snapdragon, that while the device offers 12 GB of memory random-type LPDDR5 and up to 512 GB of storage space of type UFS 3.1.

— Cameras

Galaxy Z Fuld 2 offers a rear camera in the rear cameras dual front speakers and one in the folded position and the other in the status of the individual! Cameras front accurately 10 megapixel while the rear camera offers lens key accurately 12 megapixel, lens after accurately 12 megapixel also Lens telefoto accurately 64 megapixel.

الهواتف القابلة للطي

— Battery and

The phone comes with a huge battery with a capacity of 4,500 mAh and is divided for two, each with a capacity of 2,250 mAh battery, the phone supports fast charging capabilities 25 watt through a separate 3.5 mm, as the phone supports wireless charging too and the wireless charging is the reverse.

•• The price of materials and availability of Galaxy Z Fuld 2

Until the present moment I didn’t know Samsung about the price and the availability of the phone, but we probably we’ll know more information on the first of September next, the phone also comes in black and bronze only! With regard to the price, don’t expect less than $ 2,000 USD.

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