Officially game Sky: Children of the Light now available on Android

Sky: Children of the Light finally landing on the Google Play Store, and it was really worth the wait.

رسميًا لعبة Sky: Children of the Light متاحة الآن على أندرويد

Last March, the studio announced Thatgamecompany for that game Sky: Children of the Light will be present officially on the Android platform in April, at that time we didn’t know exactly the exact day you get the game, but it seems that things have been resolved, where the game has become Sky: Children of the Light available officially on the Google Play Store.

This declaration came after that was the launch of the game already on iOS, for its part, come the game performs extremely smooth, however you have to know that this game’s requirements to your device, so whenever your device is the best, whenever your experience the best.

For the description of the game, they are coming in a way the game is similar to the rest of the titles from Thatgamecompany, to be also is the key to progress, however there are also goals to complete in order to unlock the next levels.

It is worth mentioned, that Sky: Children of the Light is a online game where you can cooperate with friends and players random on both, and since the game is free, anyone can check them, despite the presence of internal purchases find it completely unnecessary, but if you are interested in game content at a faster pace.

Download game Sky: Children of the Light on Android.

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