Officially Gameloft lets game, its anticipated Asphalt 9, shop Google Play

لعبة Asphalt 9 من Gameloft قريبًا ستكون حاضرة على أندرويد

Series games Asphalt one of the most popular racing games on mobile devices, a development company Gameloft rich from the definition, and everybody was waiting for the launch version of the ninth Asphalt 9, where the company has indicated sometime in the past month about the intention to launch its game in the month of July.

This is what really happened, as revealed by the company yesterday in a live broadcast let it declare about the available officially for Android users, on the other hand, remained in the game for a long time in the laboratory, perhaps it is thanks to car Gameloft the new lock launched from the server side.

رسميًا Gameloft تُتيح لعبتها المنتظرة Asphalt 9 على متجر قوقل بلاي

Generally in regards to this new version came with lots of licensed cars the prestigious “50 cars” graphics, and more realistic, the company says, in this context, they pumped the graphics this time HDR with the dimensions more realistic, will have their mechanics interesting at last, along with a new control system of “Touchdrive”.

Finally the game Asphalt 9 is available for free download, for there to be a lot of purchases inside a May up to $ 99.99 for each item, which is not a shock to issue Gameloft where we used for the games of this company and their prices associated with some sort, but always the excitement present in her toys.

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