Officially – Google apps start receiving Night Mode on version Android old!

Google officially announced about the availability of the night mode “Dark mode” of the long-awaited apps Android the main, where he started both the calendar app and the Google Keep received an update with Dark mode on different devices.

The application Google Calendar

The announcement comes before the official release to select Android Q, which includes a night mode for the phone as a whole, but to update the apps individually ensures that versions of Android older on Dark mode greatly is other.

Included the official announcement of the update collection of screen shots on each of the application Calendar Google cape with Night Mode, and if you want to start using it in Google Calendar, you should go to Settings / General / attribute “Settings / General / Theme”, choose a Dark mode.

Google Calendar dark mode

Google Calendar dark mode

The application Google Keep, go to Settings and select enable Night Mode directly, and everyone who doesn’t know the application Google Keep is an application used to write notes and lists, for example, create a shopping list and view them when you’re in the supermarket, and you can also take pictures of the delivery and hold it until the case and other similar services.

الوضع الليلي على Google Keep

Night mode for Google Keep

Finally it should be noted that night mode to apply the calendar only supported on any device running Android direct 7 the latest, either on the application Google Keep will be the night mode on any device running Android Lollipop 5 most recent.

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