Officially: Google talk in the phones Pixel Camera Remote

In the former is almost the first of its kind from the software giant Google, the American company inadvertently change the settings of the devices Pixel have a number of users to activate the power saving mode.

Be surprised by the number of users of company phones Google of a series of pixels to activate Power Saving mode “Battery Saver” on their phones which running the demo of the last of the famous “Android”, aka Pie automatically, rude, the number of users they activate it accidentally without realizing on their phones it is usual to tell the phone to activate Power Save mode automatically when approaching the battery from the force, but this happened with the complete powered phones almost.

He guessed the website “Android Police” in his report that there may be some disadvantages the software in the demo version of the system especially that it hasn’t been released only a few weeks but all this speculation is becoming pointless especially when the US company announced officially via the website “Reddit” that there was a experiment to test some new properties to put energy saving in the company got the error to some phones around the world, and considered the company she now returned everything to normal and customers can return the pressure to their favorite.

Not only will this problem phones Google Pixel only but also spread to phones from manufacturers other cell-phone company Asia Wu plus 6, phones, Nokia and other phones that work for a demo of the latest version of the system of the Android Pie .

According to Google the activation of the energy saving impact on some of the characteristics of the phone such as disabling programs that run in the background of the system from the update until return in addition to turn off GPS the GPS in the case of screen lock, delay notifications and other policies that will provide the energy and duration of the period of operation of the phone for a few minutes more.

If you go back to 2008, we find that the Apple event is similar to have announced the CEO of the company at the time “Steve Jobs” is driving the company to send the updated security of the identity adapted to modify the work of some of the malware in order to protect the data of its customers, and we hope that the uniqueness of Google in the next period between the experiences of internal users and real so as not to affect the customer.

But the question remains if the company can remotely change the settings and stop programs on your phone wirelessly, without your knowledge, how are we to ensure that it is the abuse of such properties by the company, especially after the emergence of many companies and Chinese phones in the market?

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