Officially … Huawei unveils its phone my P30 and P30 Pro

The company revealed Huawei’s technology during the rally on the phone her later, P30 and P30 Pro, has just announced the specifications of both phones including the operating system Android eBay, processor Kirin 980, and other specifications which are described now in detail.

Phone Huawei P30

The phone has a OLED screen with an area of 6.1 inch 1080 * 2340, as the phone supports memory access that amounts to 6 GB, and storage up to 128 GB.

Phone P30 of Huawei across the battery has up to about 3650mAh, called the cops Freeway at 25w, supports wireless charging too, and through the use of running Android bei user interface, EMUI 9.1.

As for the cameras, puts latest Huawei phones front camera with 32 megapixels, 3 cameras in the back, neatly 40 mega pixels, 16 mega pixels, 8 mega pixels, note the availability of the phone is currently color black and white and the colors of Twilight and sunset.

Phone Huawei P30 Pro

Comes w Huawei phones modern, P30 Pro, the screen OLED with an area of 6.47 set-up, and accurately does not differ from the available precedent, up to 1080 * 2340, but an increase in RAM that up with a phone Pro to 8 GB, to options different in relation to the storage space of the phone, with a 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, according to each user.

With a capacity cell phone battery for Huawei P30 Pro about 4200mAh, supports fast charging strongly 40w, with wireless charging strongly 15w, as the phone works like a P30 running Android bei user interface, EMUI 9.1.

Protects the phone P30 Pro from Huawei, the same number of cameras available precedent, but strictly different one of the lenses, at the time of the accuracy of the front camera 32 mega pixels, up the accuracy of the cameras 3 at the back, to the 40 mega pixel and 20 mega pixel camera and 8 mega pixel camera, the phone is available in the same colors available phone P30.

It is worth noting that the dial-up of the latest from Huawei, supports by the property of resistance to water and dust, but in different proportions, in the time up where the standard water resistance and dust I have a phone Huawei P30 to IP53, and comes standard resistance cell P30 Pro from Huawei بـIP68.

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