Officially I Samsung supplied screen Pixel 3 XL

رسميا.. سامسونج تورد شاشة Pixel 3 XL

Some might think the company Samsung is dominating the market industry of smartphone display quality of the OLED this is not only due to the size of the mass production which the interests of the company offer but also because of the high quality maintained by the company, and monitors the company to emphasize that it was the best and overtake all competitors and it seems that the company Google American have realized that fact recently.

Company Google was previously considered on the OLED screens of the manufacturing companies in Korea is “LG“, but this will not last according to what’s been revealed from the experiences of the decoder cut the phone company the new Google “Pixel 3 XL” the tea this year from the production company Samsung.

Thus, Samsung is the official supplier of corporate phones Google current this is not the first time supplied the Google screen phones companies it’s supposed to be the main competitors in the smartphone market, has this happened already before, when the company supplied the first screen of the quality of the OLED display over the traditional apple, this is due to that the section of the manufacturing and marketing of screens for smartphones in the Samsung works independently so there is no problem in the supply to competitors directly.

According to the site “iFixit” the famous specialist in the processes of decoding the pieces of electronic devices to teach users how to replace parts and maintenance themselves, the phone carries a OLED screen size of 6.3 inches of you need Samsung Korean and the screen is a wonderful experience in terms of quality, colors and viewing angles.

It seems that Google will not get the desired screen of its previous “LG” or that Samsung may offer a better price than paying Google for them, but there are no assurances or official statements by the company about this.

With regard to the manufacturing method which followed it, Google in the new generation of phone by the pixels whether it is 3 or 3 XL has been designed the phone fully have the company Google, has been manufacturing in factories Taiwanese company Foxconn famous in the field of manufacturing for others, and Apple was dealing with the same company in the past to produce her phone “iPhone“.

And the gag is supply of Samsung screens generation Pixel new that in the case of Miss phone and achieved high sales when they Google you need more pieces and therefore purchase of additional volumes of screens from Samsung which check the condition in which the profit is definitely thus the company gains from its phones and the phones of competitors as well.

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