Officially .. Instagram will increase your account in these cases

Explained Instagram they introduced new changes to the way they decide through their accounts that must be stopped, with the added Alert new warn persons who violate the rules when their account is about to delete.

Illustrates the new step to the platform to share photos of past in her car to remove the offensive content which violates its laws, where the consistent policy changes with efforts ongoing to combat the development.

Under current policy, the Instagram give accounts that have a certain percentage of the content violation, but the organization is currently trending to remove accounts that have a certain number of violations within a specific time period.

Similar to the way in which the application of policies within Facebook, these changes allow for photo sharing application of its policies more consistently, and hold people about what they are posting on Instagram.

And moved away the House about the problems of the exact number of violations or the time frame, due to fears of driving users to circumvent the system.

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She said Instagram: today we are announcing a change in policy to disable the account, where we develop – in collaboration with Facebook – policies to ensure to keep the house a place of supportive to everyone, and help us of these changes on the Discover accounts that violate our policies frequently removed.

As you know the product alert the new to help people figure out whether their account at risk of deactivation or not.

This provides a development opportunity to challenge the content deleted, and if it was found Instagram to be the process of deleting the content by mistake, you will get published and the violation of the account history.

Although users have been able to since a long period of appeal against the decision to disable the accounts through the Help Center, they will be able to soon submit a request of Appeal about the content directly within the app.

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