Officially: it will be possible for American companies to cooperate with Huawei is the beginning of the next month

According to the U.S. government -which refused his name – the US government is ready to sign a license for U.S. companies which want to continue business cooperation with Huawei to sell products and internal components for devices such as processors and slide.

Also has confirmed one of the sources to Reuters that approval of that will take time ranging from two weeks to four weeks and, apparently, this resolution marks the beginning of a marked improvement of Huawei not to have been banned in May previous.

This is to be expected after the president announced the Chinese Trump precedent that the U.S. will become able to maintain commercial ties with Huawei, this has been within the top twenty a few weeks ago, however, there are leaks and other stresses that although she wanted an American company to deal with Huawei, we have to get a certain clearance through the Department of trade in America.

Until now you did not specify who these statements, which would be compulsory on the companies to get them but it will include at least the requirement of teachers being products that are traded between the two companies (Huawei and other American) are products that are traded in markets or are traded with other companies for a number of reasons privacy and security for the United States.

Source: GSMArena

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