Officially – launch-in Wi-Fi, 6 days before the arrival of the Evo 11 to users!

Feature phones iPhone 11 new support to the previous generation of wireless communication Wi-Fi 6, which wasn’t officially available until today only.

Where the organization announced the Wi-Fi Alliance, responsible for Wi-Fi wireless networks, today officially announced the launch of the previous generation of wireless networks Wi-Fi 6, which supports the 802.11 ax, which will provide super speeds and lower consumption of battery and higher security than the current versions.

Versions of the Wi-Fi current:

Allowing Wi-Fi 6 to the current versions the number of versions of WiFi up to now is 6 versions, three of which are no longer running a Wi-Fi 1 and Wi-Fi router 2 and Wi-Fi 3, the three existing understanding of:

  • WiFi 6 for devices that support 802.11 ax
  • Wi-Fi 5 for devices that support 802.11 ac technology
  • WiFi 4 for devices that support 802.11 n

The series was iPhone 11 new launch has been announced its support for Wi-Fi technology 6 before it can become official, but now, with the launch of the service, the phones iPhone new features being from the first devices that offer faster Wi-Fi connection is present in the world along with the Galaxy Note 10 which supports Wi-Fi technology 6 also as the first phone with this technology.

The most important features of Wi-Fi 6 :

  • The Wi-Fi connection 6 connection speed higher by 40% compared to a Wi-Fi 5, an increase of 6.1 Gbps.
  • The maximum speed of a Wi-Fi network 6 is 9.6 Gbps, compared to the fast 3.5 GB in Wi-Fi 5.
  • This speed can be divided across the entire network of devices rather than one device, leading to increased speed for each device on the network.
  • Provide WiFi 6 better performance in crowded places, wide open spaces, thanks to its speed high and coverage possible.
  • Supports the new standard technique called Target Wake Time a well-known test of TW which is working on improving battery life.

Finally, the availability of this new speed will depend mainly on the companies with the internet which do not support these high speeds after in the Arab world, but we hope to see you soon.

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