Officially – launch of Spotify in the Arab countries, know the details!

The company announced Spotify officially about the provision of its services in 13 Arab countries in a first for the company after it was blocked from the Middle East could not be accessed to via the software and applications bypass the blocking.

رسمياً - إطلاق خدمة Spotify في الدول العربية، تعرف على التفاصيل!
Officially – launch of Spotify in the Arab countries, know the details!

Spotify in the Arab states

The Arab states that will available the services of Spotify are: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Palestine.

Users will enjoy within the state the above-mentioned services, Spotify music, free and paid according to the company, the subscription prices of the nurse will vary from state to state.

Prices service Spotify

Service Spotify paid will cost 19.99 riyals in Saudi Arabia or 19.99 AED in the UAE is equivalent to 5.33 USD per month, in Egypt the prices will be cheaper and will cost 49.99 pounds is equivalent to 2.80$.

It is worth mentioning that you can also enjoy the services of Spotify free without the need of a monthly subscription or upgrade to a premium account, you can upgrade only if you would like more advantages, such as remove ads and download music and listen offline reference without connecting to the internet and other additional features.

What is Spotify, anyway?

For those who don’t know the service Spotify is a platform to broadcast music and acoustics was launched in 2008 with the Swedish, where the company’s headquarters in the Swedish capital Stockholm.

Service Spotify was available only in several regions around the world such as some countries in Europe and North America in addition to Australia, South Africa and other countries to superior and were not available before this time in any of the Arab states it was necessary to use the apps and software bypass the block to gain access to it.

Have service Spotify more than 30 million audio file and lyrically and has 191 million subscribers around the world, including 90 million subscribers accounts driven, and will continue to Spotify fierce competition within the Arab world from companies such as Anghami is available for several years only to the user.

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