Officially revealing the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 ultra here are the specifications, features, drawbacks and prices

Samsung held its conference home the Galaxy Unpacked which summed up the WE you since a few, the most important headlines, as usual, every year within the conference is a series of phones Galaxy Note a 20 lead, this year we have two phones and they note a normal 20 noted 20 Ultra Edition flagship, and the differences between them really wide this year.جالكسي نوت 20

Galaxy Note 20 – specifications, advantages and disadvantages

As reported by previous leaks, the Galaxy Note 20 normal lacks to a large number of nurses suffer from a large number of defects, the most prominent of these disadvantages is the screen! The screen here with a frequency of 60 hertz, the traditional, Strictly FHD+ only and without bends as usual! Perhaps this tea is the weakest of the screen in the history of phones note since long years.

Maybe you think now that Samsung have done this replace the Galaxy Note 20 Lite make this phone in the price category is low, but in fact phone Galaxy Note 20 comes under the category of a thousand USD!

جالكسي نوت 20

Besides the above, the phone supports pen S-Pen full-featured its new including gestures and remote control also comes the issuing of supportive networks of the fifth generation, and Note 20 normal come $ 6.7 inches which is excellent.

We have here a body of plastic or as described in Samsung’s “glass you” it is true that plastic but feels special and is able to move, also that the phone will be available in color gray, green, bronze and New.

The camera in Galaxy Note 20 three lenses accurately 12 megapixel for the main, 64-megapixel camera for the phone calls and 12 megapixel back clear, the front camera is here strictly 10 megapixel. The phone comes with a processor Snapdragon 865 plus new with up to 8/265 GB of memory internal leading.

Galaxy Note 20 – specifications, advantages and disadvantages

While the Galaxy Note 20 regular price starts at 999 USD will start the price of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra at 1299 USD, a price, of course, astronomical, but the sense of things a little bit in Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Edition, this is where it comes with a $ 6.9-inch QHD resolution which will support a frequency of 120 hertz.

In addition, the phone will also processors Snapdragon 865+ boxes 990 by the markets, coupled with the up-to-12/265 GB ATI random, the camera here is also superior, so we have a sensor at megapixel for the main camera sensor resolution 12 megapixel camera obvious camera to rounding.

Finally we have the battery, which with a capacity of 4,500 mAh and I’m still used to it accept fast charging only the capacity of 25 watt! At the time we see the fast charging capabilities of up to 100 and 125 watt! But anyway shows us that Samsung has started taking method is not successful in pricing.

The phone of course offers the S-Pen with the latest versions, as it will benefit from techniques and features of many brought the product to buy and TVs between Samsung and other companies like Google and Microsoft which will explain to you later in detail.

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