Officially: Samsung announces phones said taxi Note 10

Samsung announced the South Korean in the conference is currently held about the latest smart phones, leading said taxi Note 10 and said the taxi note the 10+ that leaked all the specifications and details in the past few weeks, the conference came to confirm it.

The company has launched the 3 version of the smartphone, in the name of the said taxi Note 10, the said taxi NOTA 10+ in addition to said epoxy NOTA 10+ version 5G, where women in some of the specifications of the interior case, which comes with size 6.3 inch for the standard, while version Plus and version 5G come size 6.8 inch comes in-built fingerprint under the screen.

Work smart phone with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 for the American, while women the world including the Middle East come with a processor Exynos 9825 with random memory “ram” start of 8 gigabytes for the standard, and 8/12 gigabytes to copy Plus and copy the fifth generation, while the internal memory area of 256 gigabytes for the standard, and 512/256 gigabytes of address space for other with support for external memory up to 1 terabyte version plus, while the standard version does not support external memory.

Featuring this phones rear camera, which comes quad by Plus and fifth-generation accurately 12+12+16 in addition to the lens of the TOF, while the standard version comes with a camera background of the three strictly 12+12+16 maps, make the camera adjustment feature lens aperture according to ambient lighting conditions, so that if the lighting is low, will be aperture f/1.5 and it will change to f/1.4 under the light of the sun and the f/1.8 lighting normal, while the front camera with the same precision in all phones 10 maps in a hole of the front end.

Camera phones have become supports the portraiture of the video, in addition to the development of a video installation, where there is a sensor related to the movement for help on installing the video clips, while the company added a new feature to focus on the photo while filming video, to audio just as the picture. In addition, it is possible to use the insulation of videos.

Don’t let these phones separate the sky, and instead the company users by adding a converter from the charging port to the port the sky in the fund, and is available in the phones speakers will be video, while the battery in the standard version size 3500 mAh with support for fast charging 25 watt, and wireless charging, 12 watts, while the version Plus featuring a battery of 4300 mAh with support for fast charging 45 watts and wireless charging 15 watts.

Phones support, of course, the S Pen-pen, who obtained many of the developments, including the shortcut, and the possibility of remote control via gestures, so that you can perform tasks on your phone by pointing by a remote in front of the screen, while will recognize the pen on your movements, and lets the camera control the front and rear.

Summary specifications:

– Said the taxi Note 10:

  • Screen 6.3 inch
  • Exynos processor 9825
  • The RAM 8 is
  • Internal memory of 256 gigabytes
  • No support for external memory
  • Camera background three 12+12+16 maps
  • Front camera 10 maps
  • Battery 3500 mAh
  • Fast charging 25 watt
  • Wireless charging 12 watts

– Said the taxi NOTA 10+:

  • – Screen 6.8 inch
  • Exynos processor 9825
  • Ram 8/12 is
  • The internal memory of 256/512 gigabytes
  • Camera background three 12+12+16+TOF maps
  • Front camera 10 maps
  • Battery 4300 mAh
  • Fast freight 45 watt
  • Wireless charging 15 watts

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