Officially – Samsung postpone launch of Galaxy Fuld and the official statement!

During the past two days indicated that previous reports to the leadership of Samsung delaying the training staff of the Galaxy Fuld and cancel events to launch products in China which was scheduled to take place on 24 and 26 April.

And now Samsung has released an official statement about delays is not specified for the Galaxy Fold, indicating that in the last week you know a few units of the Galaxy Fold amount of the draft in the hands of reviewers for two different reasons.

سامسونج تؤجل إطلاق جالكسي فولد وتصدر بيان رسمي

Samsung postpones launch of Galaxy Fuld issued a formal statement

The first reason was because of the type of defect in the display mechanism or the folding, and the other was due to users removing the protective layer on the screen inadvertently, and is part of the phone screen folding .

Explains the official statement of Samsung that the company has learned that the Galaxy Fuld may need to be further improved in order to provide customers the best experience possible, and did not specify the date of the new version at this time, but will be announced “in the coming weeks”.

It was supposed to originally launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold to the public on 26 April in some key markets including the United States, China and South Korea, and now will not be announced date of the new version until the company of the problem does not occur in the future.

Finally, the phone Mate X rollaway Huawei is still on track to launch it in June, but claims some of the reports that will be postponed its release to September.

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