Officially: Samsung reveal said taxi tab S6

Samsung revealed about the said taxi tab S6, which is a new tablet with a screen super amold size of 10.5-inches accurately QHD, and the rear camera double, and fingerprints within the screen, in addition to supporting the S Pen, with many other features.

The device targets the professional degree of the master, where it is characterized by a screen the same size as the screen used in the iPad Air from Apple, but offers higher resolution with a footprint compact, and a weight of 450 grams, and the processor supports Senate 855 eight cores from Qualcomm.

The tablet provides two versions memory internal storage 128/256 gigabytes of address space, and Ram 6/8 gigabytes, both of which provide up to 1 terabyte of external memory, with a battery capacity of 7040 mAh and fast charging 15 watt, and 4 headphones.

Although the front camera traditional with 8 maps, only to the back of said taxi tab S6 has a camera double, strictly 13+5 maps, and the device can record video in 4K at 30 frames per second.

One of the major changes in this version is a pen terminal, and which includes the remote control features a Bluetooth LE battery allows 10 hours after only 10 minutes of charging and supports wireless charging reverse, and magnetically to the back of the device.

The device will be available in select markets by the end of next month August, at a starting price of 649 dollars, equivalent to 2433 SR ratio 6/128, and 729 US dollars equivalent 2733 SR ratio 8/256.

Summary specifications:

  • Screen 10.5 inch
  • Processor centre 855
  • Ram 6/8 is
  • Memory 128/256 is
  • External memory up to 1 Terra
  • Front camera 8 maps
  • Rear camera double 13+5
  • Battery 7040 mAh
  • Fingerprints under the screen
  • Support Face Recognition

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