Officially Studios Telltale Games closed their doors

رسميًا استوديوهات Telltale Games تُغلق أبوابها

Won the company Telltale Games extended culture wide by her rich from the definition, for example The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, but it wasn’t enough to keep the lights and continuity, where after it was reported it took the company most of its workers, here’s the know and officially closed its doors as well as the abolition of most of the current projects.

According to Gamasutra, abolished the Telltale all current projects except one which is a game The Walking Dead Season 4, where there is a small group of about 25 out of about 250 employees were still finishing up work in this game, and everyone else to open the door in front of him, it seems that as soon as you finish this project you will Games are available Telltale presence.

In relation to the reason for the closure noted the company’s CEO, Pete Hawley: “the gaming industry has turned in a tremendous way during the last few years, with the rise of mobile gaming, it is possible that the pattern of the design of the games Telltale wasn’t profitable enough”.

Finally, the company yesterday published a tweet on her official Twitter, stating its intention to close the studios without an appointment in and of itself, also confirms that a small group of 25 staff are currently working on the fulfilment of the obligations of the company remaining.

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