Officially: the announcement of the Apple Watch 5

Today Apple announced the fifth generation of her watch smart Apple Watch and how much involved you in many reports previously, the day of Apple’s smartphone, especially the fourth generation of the Apple Watch Series 4 is the best selling this is where that every three hours they are sold in the world, including H Apple, that with a suitable diehard like Huawei and Samsung.

  • Hours Apple 5 will allow you to check the time permanently through the feature Always-On Retina Display and through the low lighting of the company.

  • Coming screen the sixth sense revive Refresh Rate up to 60Hz down to 1Hz.
  • The former will clearly Always On Display for about 18 hours to complete
  • Greater integration with the Maps app where it will work like a compass shows you the direction you are going.

  • The former will come in color Golden, leaden color, shiny polished and will come with a tutorial titanium, ceramic, as previously in the leaks.
  • Coming to the previous price of $ 399 USD version WiFi is priced at 499 USD for the version that supports running Partner Communications

Clock design Apple Watch 5

As you can notice the New didn’t get a huge change in terms of design which is we knew it in advance only to internal improvements, and also the software may rather than this, that first, secondly we are accustomed to the lack of interest of Apple to change the design of their products generally continuously or annually.

New in the Design Arena is that they have become come with two new first-of titanium and the second ceramic is what appeared in leaks software First already.

Control easier in the functions of the former

One of the best operating systems ever for smart watches is a system watchOS your hours Apple, especially with the updates that would be obtained with the new generation especially the former as you can notice, still retained in to your own except they have got a whole new way to enjoy them.

The new method to an hour would be through gestures and this is where the user will be able to control the functions of the former simply through the movement of his hand for example the user can burn his wrist to answer the call or to accept his hands for a second, continuing to carry out something! The following are illustrations of the patent amount of this technology:

Feature sleep monitoring and health care

Hours Apple Distinguished clearly in relation to nurses on the control of the health status and physical user among these features we find features of the ECG and also features Fall Detection. These nurses are expected to get significant improvements by software only new feature here is the feature sleep tracking Sleep Tracking.

Hours Apple 5 you will get a feature to track sleeping without any external applications which will be of great importance for in suitable hours other many.

Photos from the Apple conference:

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