Officially: the Prohibition PUBG in Jordan and free in its way of war is the other

Today was officially announced about the ban of the game PUBG — PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds in the kingdom of Jordan through the device control calls. TRC.

The news has been officially confirmed through newspaper revelation of Jordan, has assured the Gazette that the process of the ban came after a deep study of the game PUBG discovering that has a negative impact on players of all ages.On the other hand and a newspaper revelation that in a meeting with Mohamed self-assured the head of device control on the communications that confirmed that the six other games will the fate of the PUBG, and these games as you can available game free.

Engineer Mohammed confident

Recall that this is not the first time you book a game PUBG, where they had met the same fate in the countries: China, Iraq, Nepal and this for various reasons.

Now still waiting to see whether it will be blocking Fortnite, games and other five actual or not.

Source: Roya | Gamasutra

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