Officially : to determine the price of shares (slack) at $ 26 at the beginning of the IPO

رسمياً : تحديد سعر سهم (سلاك) عند 26 دولار في بداية الاكتتابofficially : to determine the price of shares (slack) at $ 26 at the beginning of the IPO

The company has become (slack) is a public company, starting from today, 20 June 2019, after I was put shares of its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange .

The company, which developed the application of immediate availability of employment with the same name, decided to priced the stock at $ 26 , giving the company a market value equal $ 15.7 million .

Follow Slack the list directly, avoiding the process of the IPO model in favor of the status of its shares present at the New York Stock Exchange without raising additional or recruitment partners determined the insurance, a criminal financial following has already been done by the company (Spotify) last year when put up its shares .

Follow my stuff to the application (Slack) was launched in 2013 by the founder of the site (Flickr), it was initially a side project to support the communications collective to buy games (Butterfield) before he becomes one of the most important applications of the work and communication between staff .

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